Employee Benefits Forms

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Investment Selection


Investment Portfolio Selection Form – Member Level

Retirement Benefit Forms


Retirement Notification



Retirement Notification for Unclaimed Benefits



Form A & D

Capital Alliance Funeral & Death Claims


Credit Life Death Claim Form



Funeral Benefit Claim Form



Funeral Claim Form – Voluntary Benefit



Funeral Nomination Form – Extended Family



Funeral Nomination Form – Compulsory Benefits



Critical Incidents Medical Questionnaire



Notification of Members’s Death From – Re-insured



Notification of Members’s Death From – Unapproved Fund



Spouse’s Death Benefit Claim Form

Death Benefit Forms


Death of an Employee Claim Form



Deceased Estate’s Guide



Comprehensive Guide to the Process & Requirements for Family Benefit Funeral & Death Claims

Funeral Benefit Form


Funeral and Spouse’s Death Benefit Claim Form

Withdrawal Benefit Form


Preservation of Benefit Withdrawal Notification Form



A Comprehensive Guide to the Processing & Requirements for the Submission of Withdrawal & Retirement Claims



Statement of Admission of Liability

Disability, Dread Disease or Impairment benefit forms


Confidential Doctors Report



Employer’s Statement



Form A & D



Member’s Statement



Job Description Questionaire



Notification of Possible Disability Claim

There are no forms available at this time.

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